Zero Point Theatre Company Presents Samuel Beckett’s Happy Days!

Zero Point Theatre Company is continuing its research on the great Irish writer Samuel Beckett, presents the play “Happy Days”. Aneza Papadopoulou one of the best Greek actresses, plays Winie.

Director’s note:

“Happy Days” is a tragicomedy about the “Courage of Life”. Winnie, embedded waist-deep in a burned hill under blazing light, does not give up, does not allow desperation to overwhelm her. Her passion for life emerges from every gesture, every thought and word, every breath and sound. The experience of destruction and death, and the experience of loss of her beloved contribute to her embedding. However, the demand for human contact, coexistence, tenderness and warmth is agonising and continuous. She experiences the full spectrum of human conditions; fear and anguish, hope and faith, passion and mourning, pleasure and pain accompany her to the desert of “ego”, to her heartbreaking and utter loneliness. With the memory of love and the awareness of death, Winnie insists; she connects with the sparkle of life and goes past the obstacles of pain, revealing the figure of a struggling person at the edge of the world. Even at this point, life is still meaningful.

A transcendental interlocutor is on stage together with Winnie; the symbolic presence of the scenic Other. A performer, a person who is alike and different, familiar and unknown, communicates with Winnie through the voice and the body, the breath and the sound, accompanying her to her difficult journey toward human connection. Human closeness is the ultimate request…

Actors Aneza Papadopoulou, Elli Igliz
Translation Thomas Simeonidis
Direction – Scenic installation – Costumes Savvas Stroumpos
Music on stage Elli Igliz
Recorded music Leonidas Maridakis
Lighting Kostas Mpethanis
Painting creation Ilias Papanikolaou
Dramaturgy Maria Sikitano
Scenery creation Apostolos Zerdevas
Photo credits Antonia Kanda
Press Office Marianna Papaki, Nodas Douzinas