Who would have thought that house could have gone so far. After a day like yesterday, one could not expect that much. For sure, important gatherings come after long journeys, and that’s what happened.
Two inner worlds.
He and his travelling home, she and her auditory home.
He, his clumsy, smooth silence; she, her precise, rhythmical routine.
Their gathering before the audience sight becomes so absurd, so fragile that hammers beat for them. Seeing each other from the terrace and not being able to meet in front of the door, tidying up the house a bit, dreaming, having breakfast, set a date under a street light, on a chair, just for saying hello.
Casa de Tabuà is an unexpected gathering between sound and gesture, revealing the daily comic side of a human being. Casa de Tabuà is an imaginary but still real place, so real that in case of leaving, we’d bring it with us just like our homes.

Direction Assistance Teresa Bruno and Stefano Marzuoli
Music by Érik Satie and Roland Dyens
Piano, Guitar and Stage Sounds Irene Michailidis
Set design Rossella Geraldi
Set Furniture Marie Eve De Paoli
Set Machines Silvano Costagli
Costumes Federica Novelli
Production Teatro C’art Comic Education Italia