Zero Point Theatre Company presents Sophocles’ Antigone!

The highly acclaimed, trailblazing adaptation of the ancient myth is the result of a monthslong workshop on Ancient Tragedy, which began in October 2018 and ended at its premiere, in May 2019. Upon the successful completion of a sold out tour across Greece and two successful seasons of performances in Attis Theatre – New Space in Athens, Zero Point’s Ἀντιγόνη | Antigone is set to embark on a series of international presentations in selected venues.

The culmination of a long-term, dedicated practice-based study on the ancient tragedy, which commanded a special translation of the original text by theatre scholar Dimitris Dimitriades, Zero Point’s
ντιγόνη | Antigone is a discerning adaptation of the ancient myth conceptualised in a contemporary context under a holistic approach. Set right after a war the production of Antigone doesn’t address the myth in the distance of the past, but in the future. Zero Point’s team utilises the prominent psychophysical theatre method by renowned theatre director Theodoros Terzopoulos to elucidate “a tragedy for redeeming life”, as the director Savvas Stroumpos describes it. Equally visceral and cerebral Zero Point’s iteration of the Sophoclean drama comprises a highly engaging proposal which resonates with international audiences and the potential of a collective reappraisal of a socio-political condition post-war, which transcends the confines of time and place to address the importance and value of the active and emancipated citizen.

The presentation of Ἀντιγόνη | Antigone aims to connect with audiences on multiple levels by offering them a variety of entry points to access and engage with the ancient tragedy, both as creative output, namely a fully staged play, and as a collective creative process.

Translation Dimitris Dimitriadis
Direction, costumes, stage installation Savvas Stroumpos
Light design Costas Bethanis
Music Leonidas Maridakis
Dramaturgy Maria Scicchitano
Photo credits Αntonia Kanta
Press Office Marianna Papaki
Antigone: Evelyn Assouad
Creon: Konstantinos Gogoulos
Teiresias – leader of the Chorus: Ellie Iggliz
Ismene – Messenger: Anna Marka Bonissel
Aemon: Giannis Giaramazidis
Euridice – leader of the Chorus: Rozy Monaki
Guard – 2nd Messenger: Ntinos Papageorgiou, Babis Alefantis
Chorus: the team